Discover how Microsoft Fabric brings your data into the AI era

With Microsoft Fabric you'll get an End-to-end, unified analytics platform that brings together Microsoft data and analytics tools, while having a unified and simplified cost structure.

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Fabric


Converging data in only one place

Microsoft Fabric helps everyone manage and analyze data for actionable insights by equipping your entire organization with self-service analytics tools.


Microsoft Fabric integrates Data Factory, Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Power BI and Data Activator into a single unified product with a combined experience. 


Software as a service (SaaS), all Fabric workloads are automatically wired into OneLake, built on Lakehouse architecture.


Azure OpenAI Service, Copilot in Microsoft Fabric available on each service (currently in Beta). 

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Unified, transparent and simplified cost structure.

Why does your company need Microsoft Fabric?

  • Convergence

  • Simplicity

  • Copilot


Everything you want to do with your data in a single fabric capacity

A single capacity can power all workloads concurrently and does not need to be pre-allocated across the workloads. This ensures seamless service coordination, improved resource utilization and enhanced performance.


Governance is all managed for you

Microsoft Fabric aids governance by managing Security, Governance & Licensing in one place


AI-powered coding assistant

By leveraging AI to streamline coding tasks and facilitate learning, Copilot can transform your development process, ultimately leading to faster time-to-market for applications and more efficient resource utilization.

Why choose Keyrus to deploy Microsoft Fabric

Keyrus: A Microsoft Gold Partner

It is our commitment as Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, to leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Cloud solutions and unlocking new business value propositions, while demonstrating all the recognition and trust that we have earned across these years.


Expert-led implementation

Partnering with Keyrus to deploy Microsoft Fabric enables faster, expert-led implementation, maximizing value through better services and efficient configuration.

Benefit from wider process coverage, change management, training, and seamless tool migration, all while optimizing cost strategies for superior governance and data management.

Discover how Microsoft Fabric brings your data into the AI era

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