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The Clinical Data Fabric

Life science companies have to be equipped with the right technological stack enabling them to collect, import, manage, store, analyze, and share the required data both internally and with their partners. 

To answer those needs, the ultimate solution is the construction of a tailor-made clinical data fabric (CDF): a data management design architecture that connects the life data sources with the consumers of the data.

This white paper covers the key challenges in the life science data eco-system and how the latest innovation of a clinical data fabric provides the solution to these needs. Including 2 use cases on how a well composed CDF can meet key data management objectives:

  • To exchange data internally and with partners
  • To capitalize on past clinical trial data
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Key Topics Covered


Key challenges in the life data ecosystem

Dealing with the abundance of life data from multiple sources & formats.

Clinical Data Fabric

The components of a Clinical Data Fabric

How it can store, transfer, and ingest all clinical trial data in one centralized view.


How to set up your own Clinical Data Fabric

With the help of Keyrus Life Science.

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