Data Mesh: Decentralising Data

A ‘data mesh’ is the latest evolution in data management. Learn how Data Mesh can break data barriers and promote a collaborative culture.
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What is Data Mesh?

"A decentralized, sociotechnical approach to share, access, and manage analytical data in complex and
large-scale environments within or across organisations” (Zhamak Dehghani, 2021).


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Ownership of design, build and share of
domain data products
is given to the team
which owns the data

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Business teams are
accountable to publish
the truth of their own


Data mesh enablement team provides a data
platform which enables
multiple business teams
to design, build and
share their data products

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Clearly outlines
principles which
drive data mesh
architecture and design

Data Mesh Guiding Principles

  • Principle of Domain ownership

  • Principle of self serve data platforms

  • Principle of data as a product

  • Principle of federated computational governance


Principle of domain ownership

Data mesh is a decentralized approach where the responsibility of design, build and management of data products lies with the business domains closest to the data. Individual domains are responsible for providing the truths of their business.


Principle of self serve data platforms

The platform must enable multiple domain teams to build, share and use data products in an autonomous way. The platform must support interoperability between different technologies and must not require propriety specialization of a technology vendor which
is unscalable at an enterprise level


Principle of data as a product

Data provided by domains is treated as a product with the aim of providing data which is valuable and usable for data consumers. This involves application of product thinking in the design of data products and defining baseline characteristics that apply to data products.


Principle of federated
computational governance

A federated governance model creates an equilibrium between local and global optimization, giving autonomy to domains but maintaining global interoperability.
Computational governance involves automation of instructions that assure data is secure, compliant and usable.

How the mesh principals interoperate?


Why choose Keyrus to deploy Data Mesh?

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Expert-led implementation

We understand the importance of promoting data
democratization, thus, we enable users at all levels
of the organization to access and leverage data
independently. By doing so, we empower businesses
with agility and autonomy, allowing different teams
to take ownership of their data domains and drive
decision-making with autonomy.


La sécurité avant tout

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A propos de Keyrus
Acteur international du conseil et de la technologie, Keyrus a pour mission de donner du sens aux données en révélant toute leur portée, notamment d'un point de vue humain. Nous développons des données et des solutions numériques pour la gestion de la performance.
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About Keyrus
As an international player in consulting and technology, Keyrus' mission is to give meaning to data by revealing its full scope, particularly from a human perspective. We develop data and digital solutions for performance management.

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