Contact Keyrus to help your organisation unlock Snowflake value-added cloud consumption

Worried about the rising cost of your cloud data warehouse? The CDWH industry is predicted to grow from last years $5.5bn global value to almost $29bn by 2030*.

Keyrus has developed a Value-added Cloud Consumption framework to help clients avoid common complications, such as:

  • Lack of valid business cases
  • Lack of value-add data products to justify ROI
  • Lack of governance on consumption ownership

Unlock the True Potential of Snowflake with the value-added Keyrus framework. A plan designed to maximize ROI, manage costs, and ensure effective data governance.

Benefits of the Value-added Cloud Consumption framework 

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ROI  Enhancement

Our framework is designed to boost your ROI by promoting efficient Snowflake consumption.


Effective Data Ownership

Create transparent & effective data ownership and spending management 

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Valued-added Consumption

Keyrus promotes value-added Snowflake usage across your organization.

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Cost Allocation

and successful data monetisation via
value-add data products

Cloud Consumption framework overview

Design  >    Forecast    >    Monitoring and Governance   



Planning and structuring your data warehouse according to the specific needs of the project.
The aim is to create a blueprint that efficiently supports data flow from source systems to the end data products and allows collaboration and effective use of the data.
This stage is crucial as a well-structured data warehouse facilitates effective data analysis and decision-making.

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Forecasting credit consumption involves predicting the volume of computational resources required based on your data workloads. This could be influenced by factors like the number of users, frequency and complexity of queries, and amount of data processed.
Accurate forecasting helps ensure you purchase the appropriate amount of Snowflake credits, allowing for efficient use of resources and cost optimisation.


Monitoring and Governance

Monitoring and managing the use of Snowflake credits to ensure they are being used efficiently and cost-effectively.
Monitoring tools provide insights into how credits are being consumed, helping identify patterns or trends that might indicate inefficiencies or opportunities for optimisation.
Establishing policies and rules for credit consumption. Setting usage limits and allocating credits to different data products. Ensures that credit consumption aligns with the product value.

Why choose Keyrus 

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Expert-led implementation

At Keyrus, we prioritize data democratization, ensuring that all levels of your organisation can access and leverage data autonomously.

By partnering with Keyrus, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to empowering your teams with the agility and autonomy needed to own their data domains. 


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A propos de Keyrus
Acteur international du conseil et de la technologie, Keyrus a pour mission de donner du sens aux données en révélant toute leur portée, notamment d'un point de vue humain. Nous développons des données et des solutions numériques pour la gestion de la performance.
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About Keyrus
As an international player in consulting and technology, Keyrus' mission is to give meaning to data by revealing its full scope, particularly from a human perspective. We develop data and digital solutions for performance management.

26 years of experience

26 countries on 4 continents


+3 000 employees
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